Kickstart Campaign Package

Express solution gets your new site to 1st page exposure – without neglecting long term market presence.

This package provides the best of both worlds, we work on your long term web reputation utilising organic search result optimisation, but at the same time we provide a short term solution with Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to get you maximum exposure for all possible keywords – right now.

Start getting a return on investment as soon as your PPC Campaign goes live !

The Kickstart Package:

  • Brand New Website
  • One Free Domain Name (2yrs)
  • Longterm Organic Optimisation
  • Instant Exposure with PPC Kickstart for your site launch!
  • Potential Market Analysis and Current Position Benchmark
  • Monthly Reporting showing Rank History & Progress.
  • Business Google Maps Entry Management
  • Facebook Page Creation and Linking

Kickstart your SEO from $485 a month, Dual Approach with Longterm and instant PPC Campaign!