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Organic Optimisation Package Image

Organic Package:

We invest time every month to ensure your website builds a good ranking on its own merits, allowing you to forego the pitfalls of continuous advertising with Google Ads.

Includes: Domain Email Address Service, Constant Organic Research & Analysis, Article Linking, Facebook Page Creation & Management Web Server Admin.

Starting from $390/month

Organic SEO - Longterm Web Reputation for those looking to the future...

Pay-per-Click Management Package Image

PPC Packages – Fixed Monthly Limits

All PPC packages include: Website Design (if required), Domain Email Address (if required), Campaign Monitoring, Research & Analysis, Facebook Page Creation & Management, Web Server Admin. All additional website changes/editing/work will incur minimum fees of $19.95 or quoted per task.

Package 1 - $159

Package 2 - $219

Package 3 - $339

Kickstart Package Image

“Kickstart” Package

This package provides the best of both worlds, we work on your long term web reputation utilising organic search result optimisation, but at the same time we provide a short term solution with Google ads PPC to get you maximum exposure for all possible keywords.

Start getting a return on investment in first 2 months!

Organic Package valued at $390/month  + PPC Package valued at  $159/month

Your Kickstart Discount Price: only $485/month!

Kickstart your SEO from $440 a month, Dual Approach with Longterm and instant PPC Campaign!

Web Development Services:

Good SEO starts with good code. Most websites require an overhaul to modernise code, and in many cases a complete rebuild is required for optimal results and a fresh new appearance.
Writing new content is often necessary to organically optimise your website for industry-relevant keywords on your pages. Even when utilising Pay Per Click, Google favours pages that accurately represent in page content what was advertised by your PPC Ads.

We develop stunning new websites that deliver relevant information to visitors within seconds, using featured sliders, featured boxes, and promo panel adverts for premium or popular services provided by your business.

All website developments include customised appearance for delivery to Mobile Phone Web Browser markets. These include iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and all standards based mobile & tablet browsers. This allows visitors to call your business from your website with one simple touch, tap or click!

We can also tailor websites for any special requirements such as eCommerce shopping cart setup – speak to our sales staff regarding your needs today.

All SEO packages incur a once off upfront fee for Web Development, starting at $475 for up to a 5 page website.


Simple Web-Hosting Package:

Don’t need Design or SEO?
We offer a minimum hosting package for your existing website and up to 5 email addresses at your existing domain (, Hosted on

Minimum Monthly Fees for Hosting Only (No SEO, No WebDev) are priced at: 25.00/month








ClickTarget Add On Services

Add-on Service Modules

Value added services are add-on modules of work that may rest outside the normal scope of our monthly SEO. They may be once off occurrences or repeating additional monthly services.


Facebook Ad Campaign

Roll out a Pay Per Click Campaign with Facebook! Reach new customer base and utilise highly targeted advertising using social media advertising – Adverts on facebook link back to your website or your Facebook page, and can utilise pictures for attracting more attention, building brand identity/logo reputation, or simply for displaying new products to entice customers.

Value Added Price: $95 per month



Graphics are essential for all new websites & promotional materials. It is important to recognise that stock photos cost money and have licensing conditions – and most look like stock photos. Photo shoots of workplace, products, storefronts, fleet vehicles, work completed/portfolio photos. Charged per location.

Value Added Price: $95 per shoot location


Business Logo Design

For Businesses just starting up or taking it to a new level of professionalism, consistency of brand identity is essential. Striking designs that characterise your business style and appear across a range of mediums convey that you’re here to stay. We can design a logo package for use with your new website, and provide image files for use on business cards, office stationery templates, email signatures and more.

Value Added Price: $POA

Extra Domains:

With all web-developments, we offer 1 free domain purchase as part of the package.

If any extra domains are required after initial development, we can purchase and manage these domains as a value added service. This can be useful when securing several domains that contain your business name.

Value Added Price: $45 per domain (all domains signed for 2 years reg.)*


*Not including Premium .com or domain names valued over $50/2yrs