Support Ticketing:

Existing customers can submit support tickets through our ticketing system, so a record is provided of the issue.



If we are providing your domain-based email address (, and need support you can either submit a ticket using the above link, or give us a call for support (no waiting on call queue!)

If you wish to install your email accounts on your iPhone or iPad, you can visit the following link to access the Auto-Configure wizard for your iPhone.

Automatic Email Account Setup for iPhone & iPadMake sure you have these details handy:

  • Your domain email address:  (
  • Your domain email password: (If you don’t have it handy, you can contact us and we can provide it for you)
  • A name to assign to the account on your phone, this will represent the “From” field in emails sent from your iPhone/iPad.

Please note this cannot be done from a desktop or laptop, the link must be visited on Safari on your  iPhone handset.

Touch/Tap to Auto-Configure Email Account on iPhone & iPad